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Searching for a Property Manager? 7 Reasons Why You Need to Talk with My House Real Estate, Bathurst

Being a property owner or a landlord goes beyond just acquiring different types of real estate properties in Bathurst. It has more to do with ensuring that your properties are well managed and not just by any Bathurst real estate agent you see around. Your property should be managed by experienced real estate consultancy agencies in Bathurst such as My House Real Estate.

You may be wondering why you should hire My House Real Estate Bathurst when there are diverse real estate agents in Bathurst, NSW. Listed below are seven reasons why My House Real Estate is your best choice for property management services.

#1 Helping You Find the Right Tenants

Of course, the joy of every real estate property owner in Bathurst is to see that their properties are occupied by the right tenants. You don’t come by getting the right tenants just by desiring one. It takes a lot of work and effort. These efforts are what My House Real Estate Bathurst is passionate about and will put in to ensure that your real estate property in Bathurst gets the right tenants and property management you deserve.

#2 We Know Property Management

From finding the right tenants to managing the day-to-day of your property, there are more reasons why you should choose My House Real Estate Bathurst. You will never fear or regret hiring the property management services of My House Real Estate Bathurst. Angela Drabsch runs this real estate consultancy agency and she knows the Bathurst real estate market well. And if hired, Angela will ensure that your property is well looked after and is personally involved with the management of your investment property.

#3 Maintaining a Relationship with Contractors, Vendors & Suppliers

At different stages of your cycle as a property owner in Bathurst, you will most definitely require to hire the services of some vendors and service providers such as contractors, suppliers, handypersons, etc.

If you are not in the business of real estate, you might not know the right people to call when these needs arise. But with My House Real Estate Bathurst, you need not worry about finding the right vendors and service providers, as this Bathurst real estate agent knows who to call to do whatever is needed on your property.

#4 Real Estate Laws, Legislations and Regulations

Knowing and complying with Bathurst real estate laws and regulations can be too cumbersome for you, most especially if you don’t know anything about real estate. But should you decide to hire the services of My House Real Estate Bathurst, you need not worry yourself about compliance, as the real estate agent must know these laws and how to apply them when necessary. And My House Real Estate Bathurst sure do know all the real estate laws and regulations obtainable in Bathurst.

#5 Regular and Detailed Property Inspections for Managing Your Property

When you hire My House Real Estate as your property manager in Bathurst, you know that your property and home will be looked after and when things go wrong, they will be there to detailed the issues and provide outcomes and solutions. Regular and detailed property inspections means prevention, along with vetting out unworthy tenants or renters that may end up causing damage to your home. Your property manager should be involved, be actively managing your property in Bathurst and ensuring issues don't arise from oversight or neglect.

#6 Flexible, Proactive and Passionate About Property Management

Most real estate agents in Bathurst get rigid when it comes to helping their clients with property management. You can sometimes find the highly experienced person you spoke with about managing your property is not actually involved with the day-to-day of your property and its ongoing management. This can create avoidable mistakes, especially if they have assigned a junior property manager for your hard-earned investment.

This is not the same with My House Real Estate Bathurst. Angela Drabsch, owner, is heavily involved and makes the time to personally and passionately manage your investment property in Bathurst nd surrounding areas. Stay informed and have peace of mind working with a local real estate agent that understands the importance of maintaining professional property management standards.

#7 Has Your Interests at Heart

Conclusively, the one unique attribute that My House Real Estate agency in Bathurst has that you can’t find elsewhere is that they have your interest at heart. Not only that, they take your business like it’s theirs. Hence, every decision made on your behalf is a good decision that is geared towards ensuring that your property is managed to the best standards and with diligence.

As a landlord, managing your real estate properties in Bathurst all by yourself combined with your other business, career, or job can be very cumbersome. This is why you should hire the services of a good Bathurst real estate agent and property manager who will ensure that your stress and headaches are reduced and your profit maximized.

And there is no better real estate agent that you should entrust that job to other than My House Real Estate. Talk to Angela today about managing your investment property in Bathurst and surrounding local area.


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